• Saperavi 2019 - Qvevri red wine - Nino Meris
  • Saperavi 2019 - Qvevri natural red wine - Nino Meris
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  • Saperavi 2019 Tibaani - Qvevri dry red wine - Nino Meris
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Saperavi 2019 - Qvevri red wine - Nino Meris

Saperavi 2019 Tibaani - Red Dry Qvevri Wine - Nino Meris

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Saperavi from Nino Meris is natural dry red wine made from Saperavi grapes, harvested in Tibaani and vinified in Qvevri using traditional Georgian methods.

Tasting Notes: Nino Meris Saperavi is medium-bodied wine with pleasant acidity, balanced content of tannin and particularly soft finish. This is dry wine but you can still taste some sweetness. Vanilla comes as primary aroma in this wine. Secondary aromas are black plums, black berries, pepper and dried apricot. You can also taste tones of dried fruit that combines perfectly with wine aromas. With dark garnet color and average alcohol content, this wine is distinguished by its taste and is a great discovery from the collection of fine Saperavi wines.

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Saperavi 2019 - Red Dry Qvevri Wine from Nino Meris

Saperavi wine from Nino Meris is made with Saperavi grapevine, harvested in Georgian region of Kakheti, specifically Tibaani, where vineyards have been cultivated for centuries. This location has great potential for growing high quality grapes with marked acidity and producing wines distinguished with unique taste and aroma.

Nino Meris is a young winemaker, who started producing wines couple years ago and with only one Qvevri. In two years, she raised producing from 700 bottles to 7 tons and gained recognition at many international and local wine exhibitions. After the first success of her Rkatsiteli wine in Netherlands, wines from Nino Meris are now available in France for the second time. Nino Meris learned traditional winemaking techniques from her two grandfathers and created family business, involving her mother and brother in wine producing. Today Nino Meris produces natural red and white wines and is passionate to raise producing, remaining high quality and uniqueness.

Country of Origin: Georgia

Region: Kakheti, Sighnaghi, Tibaani.

Varietal: 100% Saperavi

Wine Type: Red 

Wine Style: Dry

Body: Medium

Alcohol: 13.0% 

Vintage: 2019

Fermentation & Aging: Qvevri

Bottle Size: 750 ml

Producer: Nino Meris

Although it was not kept in oak barrels, this variety of Saperavi from Tibaani naturally has notes of vanilla and makes a very aromatic wine. Since the sugar is not completely dissolved, you can taste some sweetness in this dry wine.

It is first red wine from Nino Meris and the debut of this Saperavi wine was astonishingly successful in Georgia and abroad. This Saperavi wine is vinified with Georgian traditional method of Qvevri winemaking. The wine was kept in Qvevri for several months before bottling.

Requires decanting before consumption.

Recommended Storage Temperature: 14° C - 16° C

Recommended Consumption Temperature: 16° C - 18° C

Directions: Store the bottle in a horizontal position. Before consumption, uncork the bottle, leave for aeration for about 30 minutes and let the wine breath.

Best Food Pairings: Roasted meat, cheese, grilled vegetables.


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