• Chourtchkhela
  • Chourtchkhela with walnuts - 100% natural raisin and nut candy from Georgia

Churchkhela with walnuts, traditional Georgian sweet, 100% natural - 140g

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Traditional Georgian confection Churchkhela from Nugbari. 100% natural, nutritious and healthy snack made from walnuts and grape juice. 

Origin - Georgia

Product Type: Sweets & Confections, 100% natural, No Colorants, No Additives or Chemical Flavors, Vegan.

Net Weight: ± 140g

Best with: Coffee, Tea, Wine, Cheese. 

Storage Instructions: Store in a dry, cool place at a temperature of   0 ° C - 22 ° C. Keep away from direct sunlight. 

Churchkhela is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diet. Does not contain chemical additives or artificial preservatives. Contains gluten.

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Churchkhela is a traditional Georgian nut-based sweet snack, made from thickened grape juice. Churchkhela from Nugbari is all-natural confection with walnuts, handmade, with traditional method, specifically walnuts stringed on a thread using strong thread and needle, dipped in flour-thickened grape molasses and dried carefully on specific conditions. This candle-shaped candy is part of every new-year table in Georgia and a healthy solution for treats both for children and adults.

Country of Origin: Georgia

Supplier: Nugbari

Weight: 140g ± 10%

Ingredients: Rkatsiteli grape juice - 71% (of which concentrated grape juice – 65%, water – 35%), Walnuts – 15%, Wheat flour – 14%.


Nutritional Facts per 100 g:

Calories: 354 kcal

Fat: 8.9 g

Carbohydrates: 62.4 g

Of which sugar: – 48.6 g

Protein: 6.1 g

High in calories, Churchkhela is a very nutritious dessert and a great addition to a healthy diet, especially for people living an energetic lifestyle. Containing walnuts, Churchkhela is a great source of healthy fats(Omega 3-6-9) and beneficial for brain functioning. This natural product does not contain chemical additives and become whiter and tastier over time. Churchkhela is suitable for storing at least 9 months.


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