• Dzira - Georgian Cumin Milled  (Seasoning for making khinkali) 50 g
Dzira - Georgian Cumin Milled  (Seasoning for making khinkali) 50 g

Cumin Powder (Georgian Dzira, Seasoning for making Khinkali) 50 g

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Product Form: Powder

Net Weight: 50g

Origin: Georgia

Product Type: 100% natural cumin spice in a dry form, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Plant based, Vegan, No fillers. 

Best with: Meat or mixed with other spices such as Black Pepper.

Storage Instructions: Store original packaging in a dry place, at a temperature of 5° C - 25° C, avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 24 months 

Cumin is a spice with more intensive flavor and is often used in dishes with fatty meat.

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Originated from South Asia, cumin is popular in Georgia, as well as in Asia and Latin American countries. Cumin has a bit more intensive flavor and combines well with Black pepper and bay leaf. It's often used in dishes with fatty meat as it neutralizes the taste of fat. 

Country of Origin: Georgia

Supplier: OJAKHURI

Weight: 50g

Ingredients: 100% ground Cumin

Packaging: Packed in a sealed vacuum bag, eligible for groceries.

General Directions: Cumin has specific intensive flavor. Consider using reasonable amounts in your recipes to avoid overdoing.

Cumin is high in Iron and Vitamin C and also beneficial for digestive and immune systems. One of the most famous Georgian dishes with cumin is Khinkali(Georgian dumpling). 

About Georgian Spices

Georgian spices are an integral part of Georgian cuisine. There are dozens of extraordinary spices in Georgia and they play a major part in creating the so-called “Georgian Taste”, by adding to traditional dishes unique flavors and taste. For years, Georgians have been mixing flavors imported from the East with local flavors and created seasonings popular in Georgia and abroad. Here you can find spices for any taste and for any meal of your choice. Not only spices enhance any recipe, but they are a rich source of minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, and B vitamins. Some spices even have healing properties and are often used in medicine.


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