Organic Rosehip Infusion from Georgia - 1L

VAT included

Bio Rosehip Infusion is NOP Organic certified low-calorie-drink from Georgia. This is the 1st Georgian USDA Organic certified juice prepared from Georgian raw materials.

Origin: Georgia

Product Type: 100% Bio, No added sugar, No stabilizers, No colors, No aromas or any additives, No preservatives.

Packaging Size: 1L

Storage Instructions: Store original packaging in the refrigerator.

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Organic Rosehip Infusion from Georgia - 1L

This premium quality organic soft drink was made possible within the corporate social responsibility (CSR) project of BPC – a tremendous work of internally displaced families (IDPs), who managed to get planet’s highest food safety and quality standard raw materials. Order wild forest organic product.

Country of Origin: Georgia

Supplier: BPC

Packaging Size: 1L

Nutritional Facts per 100g:

Calories: 3 kcal


Packaging: Glass Bottle.

Recommended to be used before date shown on the packaging.


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