List of products by brand ALALI

Founded in 2018, ALALI brand, owned by Achinebi Ltd is a small enterprise that produces high-quality 100% natural fruit juices. Located Georgian region of Kakheti, specifically in Telavi, the company processes Fresh fruit harvested by Georgian farmers throughout the year.

The enterprise that produces more than 500,000 litres of various fruit juices every year is equipped with modern standard machines and has a unique recipe for juice production, that enables the enterprise to offer customers natural juices without any additives. Innovative, cold-pressing technology is used to preserve the taste and useful properties of fresh fruits. This is how the juice in your glass will have the taste of fresh fruit, newly ripped in the village garden. 

Today Achinebi Ltd offers its customer five different variations of natural juices: Peach, apple, grape, blackberry and citrus. Juices are available In glass bottles with capacity of 250ml and 1 litres, and juice pouches with capacity of 3 litres. 

All juices from ALALI are healthy and free from added sugar, water, preservatives, GMOs, synthetic dyes and stabilizers. In order to control the quality, microbiological analysis is performed and fruits are tested for pesticides before entering the enterprise.

As ALALI states, Georgian land, healthy climate, experienced farmers and excellent conditions for production – that’s what determines the success of the enterprise to produce healthy and delicious juices.