This category offers you a wide range of various Spices and Seasonings from Georgia. There are dozens of extraordinary spices in Georgia and they play a major part in Georgian cuisine. Here you can find all-purpose spices such as Svanetian Salt and Dry Adjika, that can enhance any meal and enrich your recipes with extraordinary taste and flavor. Also, specific seasonings for barbecue, beans and special Georgian dishes such as Satsivi, Kharcho and others. 

We offer spices and seasonings produced by Georgian company – Ojakhuri, that is one of leading companies in Georgian spice market and creates dozens of products distinguished by quality and purity, with natural flavors and without extra additives.


Georgian seasonings are often perfectly balanced blends of spices such as Coriander, Blue Fenugreek, Marigold, Cumin and many more. Spices are an integral part of traditional Georgian recipes and create so-called “Georgian Taste”. Find exotic and extraordinary mixtures of flavors suitable for your taste and diet whether it’s for meat, fish, potatoes, dairy or salads.


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