In this category, you will find a wide range of hazelnuts, both for retail and for wholesale purchase. We offer hazelnuts in various forms, such as Natural raw Hazelnut Kernels with the caliber 13-15 mm, Roasted and Blanched Hazelnut Kernels with the caliber 13-15 mm, Roasted and Chopped Hazelnuts with the caliber 2-4 mm and Hazelnut Powder/Flour from Roasted hazelnuts, with the caliber 0-2 mm.

We offer hazelnuts from Georgia, which has long-standing tradition in nut cultivation and is among five largest producers of hazelnuts in the world, mostly supplying EU countries. Our products are suitable for bakeries, restaurants and enterprises as well.


Our supplier is Ziraka France - a French based B2B company, specializing in importing, processing and distributing dried fruits in France. Based in the Clermont-Ferrand region, the company imports hazelnuts harvested in western Georgia by local farmers, produces in France and distributes in all regions of the country. 


Our hazelnuts for retail are available in 1kg, 10kg and 20kg packages. However, we work with wholesale customers and distribute our hazelnuts across France. Wholesale prices vary depending on quantity and yearly demand. For example, hazelnut prices will be different for industrial companies consuming several tonnes for bakery goods and for small bakeries to whom we regularly supply several kilos weekly or monthly. Packaging for wholesale distribution is available in a range of 250g - 25kg bags.


Georgia is one of the few places that has a perfect location for hazelnut cultivation. Endemic varieties of hazelnuts in Georgia are well adapted to the specific soil and climate conditions. One of their many advantages is a powerful root system that draws all the necessary components from the soil, and chemical fertilizers are applied only to a minimum degree. These varieties also do not suffer from insects and pesticides are barely used.


If you are interested in wholesale purchase, we are happy to provide hazelnut samples and personalized offers adapted to your individual requirements.

To request samples and individual offer, please contact us via email -


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