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  • Churchkhela
    Post on : janv. 14, 2021
    Author : Qartuli market

    Imagine, you are inGeorgia. You already tasted amazing Georgian dishes rich with unique spices and nuts, experienced unique Georgian Qvevri wine and now it’s time for dessert....

  • Spices from Georgia
    Post on : déc. 1, 2020
    Author : Qartuli market

    Traditional Georgian Market is one of the most colorful places, filled with pallets of various spices and different aromas. Here you can find spices of any color and flavor,...

  • Winemaking in Georgia
    Post on : nov. 30, 2020
    Author : Qartuli market

    Georgia - The oldest wine producer 8,000 of winemaking – that’s how Georgia got recognition as the homeland of wine. With so many wine diversities, native grapevine...